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The Bottom Line:

Built during the roaring twenties, the Belvedere is conveniently located in the northwestern part of New York's theater district. Most guests consider it to be one of the best values in the area. They rave about the unusually large rooms, which come with refrigerators and coffee makers and are described as clean with superb air conditioning. Guests looking for better accommodations are advised to book an executive room, which also include free wireless access. The Belvedere houses two restaurants, the Belvedere Café and the Churrascaria Plataforma. While guests enjoy the simplicity of the Belvedere Café and rate its room service as top-notch, some find the all-you-can-eat meat buffet at the Churrascaria to be too rich. The Belvedere is located near a major transportation hub so travel to the rest of Manhattan is easy.

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Last updated: July 3 2013

The Good:

  • Immaculately clean rooms.
  • Beds are comfortable.
  • Excellent location.
  • Exceptional Service.

The Bad:

  • Rooms are too small for many guests.

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Hotel Location & Nearby Attractions:

319 West 48th Street, New York City, 10036 NY

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