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Submitted by "Raveable User" on 2013-09-13
Date of Stay: 2013-09-01 | Room: 36002


First of all, my husband and I come to Las Vegas as a yearly tradition to celebrate the beginning of the NFL season. We've stayed at the Palazzo, Venetian, The Wynn, Bellagio, Paris need I say more. We came to the Aria, the very first year it opened and have returned every year thereafter.

Awaken around 5:30-6 AM inching profusely and scratching like crazy. I told my husband, something is BITING me. I scratched so much in my sleep that I had blood in my fingernails and there was also drops of blood on the sheets. My immediate reaction was that the hotel had FLEAS and that I was being bitten alive. I did not see the tiny little black creatures hopping around but my mind was made up, FLEAS. I immediately called down to the front desk and explained my situation. I was moved to a different room IMMEDIATELY (FASTEST SERVICE WE RECEIVED THROUGHOUT OUR ENTIRE STAY).

PLEASE NOTE that we were in an ARIA SKY SUITE, ROOM 36002 originally and were downgraded to a standard room (FIRST MISTAKE). In addition we were told by concierge that they were very sorry for the inconvenience and that a manager would be contacting us immediately and that they would work on changing our room. Four plus hours later, my husband decides to call concierge to find out the status of our room and to his surprise, not only had the bug situation not been communicated or documented but the day time front desk staff appeared to be CLUELESS to the fact that they had NOT ONLY DOWNGRADED OUR ROOM BUT that WE were still waiting to be moved to ANOTHER SKY SUITE. After another long hour or so of waiting, we were finally moved to another room that we were told has just been VACATED and CLEANED. You can imagine how we felt when we walked in the room and the sink in the bar area looked like OLD VOMIT, perhaps Oatmeal had been left in the SINK. Curtains didn't close all the way and the remote controls on the televisions did not work. NOTHING IN THE ROOM WORKED! I wanted to leave IMMEDIATELY but my husband wanted me to sleep. The bell man was embarrassed due to the nature of the sink and my husband pointed out that the blackout curtain was coming off its hinges. The poor guy went out of his way by phoning housekeeping, who by the way DID NOT COME CLEAN the SINK until roughly three hours later.

Call from ANDREW (NO LAST NAME), but he's from RM. He states that they did their investigation and the lab came back with no traces of bugs. He goes through this long story about how if the hotel receives a complaint about bugs, how they must quarantine the area. Echo labs will tear apart the beds, the headboards, pull back carpet, the whole enchilada.

Legs, feet, ankles and back, are swollen because of these bites and even my face has bites. We decide to go to the HARMON clinic. Seen by a physician, who immediately identifies marks as BED BUG bites. I ask him how he knows this, MD states the formation of the bug bites are a tale-tale sign. He asked if I knew about bed bites and I told him, of course I had heard of them BUT that I had never seen them and/or experienced being bitten by them. This nice young man gave me a print out on the little culprits, WROTE down on my discharge form, that I had been seen for INFECTED bites, LIKELY Due To Bed Bugs. NOW THIS IS WHERE ARIA GETS OUT OF THE CLAIM. THE Doctor WROTE LIKELY. Although the MD felt that my bites were clearly bed bites it wasn't definitive because I did not bring along a sample of the bug. However, he stated that IF I could CATCH ONE and bring it back to the clinic in one of their SPECIMEN container (THAT THEY PROVIDED ME WITH).

By this time, our ENTIRE TRIP was ruined anyway. My husband KINDLY ask ANDREW about compensating us. We paid for a suite and were placed in a regular room for at least 6 hours, and they had forgotten about us and my clinic visit and medication was not free. Second, my husband, NOW convinced, the hotel is trying to cover their tracks since they said they had to reenter the room and INSPECT THE COUCH, why not do that during the 1st inspection, ask ANDREW for a copy of the alleged (2) echo lab report findings. ANDREW States you must SUBPOENA THOSE RECORDS! I guess you could say it was a bit of a shouting match thereafter. While my husband tried his best to stay professional the entire time, they had this IGNORANT (ANDREW) on the phone speaking to my husband any way he saw fit. My husband threatens that we will be reviewing the hotel on YELP, BED BUG REGISTRY, along with contacting the HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Needless to say, my husband was listening to the DIAL TONE. JUST RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL.

NOT SURPRISINGLY, PETE (THE HEAD OF RM), called approx. 17 minutes before our scheduled check-out time.

BOTTOM LINE, I refuse to allow ARIA to make me feel like the bad guy and then bring THEIR nasty bugs into my million dollar home! I wouldn't care if they offered me the WORLD, I WOULD'NT step in their HOTEL ever AGAIN!

Stayed in room 36002, initially, then moved to room 38018 then settled into room 50002. I am told that this bugs travel. Be weary of all rooms listed. ”

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