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Bar Harbor, Maine affords spectacular water views and is a quaint vacation destination. Agamont Park offers some of the best views in the area, directly overlooking the town’s pier and Frenchman Bay. The Shore Path highlights a half-mile trek along the peaceful shoreline, affording excellent opportunities for capturing a delightful seaside picture. The Abbe Museum highlights a superb collection of Native American artifacts and guests can witness archaeologists hard at work, analyzing recent artifact discoveries. The museum offers an array of changing exhibits and is open year round. The Bar Harbor Historical Society features a number of old artifacts from the area, including antique photos, dishware, Beatrix Farrand landscaping and scrapbooks. The area also offers a number of outdoor activities, ranging from hiking and kayaking to walking. The Asticou Azalea Gardens and Thuy Garden features delightful seasonal displays, ranging from spring and summer to fall arrangements. Someville Bridge is nearby a selectman’s building, which idyllically trims with white picket fences and impeccably manicured gardens. This delicate bridge gently arches over a picturesque pond and makes for a timely photo opportunity. Downtown Bar Harbor features unique boutiques, nightclubs, music festivals and decadent local seafood.

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The Bayview
Highlights: Kitchen, Romantic Atmosphere
97% recommended | 267 reviews
Guests of The Bayview liked the incredibly comfortable beds, the spotless rooms, the attentive and courteous staff and the fabulous views from most rooms.
  • Highlights: Balcony, Fireplace
    98% recommended | 497 reviews
  • Highlights: Heated Pool, Children Pool
    98% recommended | 341 reviews
  • 4
    Highbrook Motel
    Highlights: Shuttle Service, Location
    99% recommended | 84 reviews

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Hotels in Bar Harbor near Attractions

Bar Harbor attractions and activities are sure to entertain and delight visitors of all interests. Stay close to to the action with these conveniently located hotels:

  • Atlantic Climbing School
  • Bar Harbor Historical Society
  • Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School
  • Arcadia National Park
  • Bayside Trading Co
  • Bar Harbor Music Festival
  • Atlantic Brewing Company
  • Bar Harbor Whale Museum
  • Coastal Kayaking Tours
  • Ben and Bills Chocolate Emporium
  • Carmen Verandah
  • Birdsnest Gallery
  • Bark Harbor
  • Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop
  • Cadillac Mountain Sports
  • College of the Atlantic
  • Bar Harbor Brewing Co and Soda Works
  • Argosy Gallery
  • Bar Harbor Gift Shop
  • Arcady Music Festival

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