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The Bottom Line:

Guests at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport love the Crabtree and Evelyn products provided by the hotel, and always rave about the level of cleanliness. Patrons also appreciate the self-check in kiosk available in the lobby, and the modern flat screen TVs in each room. The hotel is located near Boston's Logan airport and offers great views of the Boston skyline. Guests staying at the Hilton often appreciated the free shuttle ride to the airport. Though there are a lot of things people love about the Hilton, they are often less than impressed with the small room size and staff responsiveness.

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Last updated: July 3 2013

The Good:

  • Immaculately clean rooms.
  • Extremely comfortable beds.
  • Rooms are in great condition.
  • Excellent location.
  • Exceptional Service.
  • Convenient and often complementary shuttle.

The Bad:

  • None found

Special Amenities:

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Hotel Location & Nearby Attractions:

One Hotel Drive, Boston, 02128 MA
  • 1. North Bennet Street School (1.7 mi)
  • 2. Mgh Institute-Health Profsns (1.7 mi)
  • 3. Boston Technical Center (1.7 mi)
  • 4. Boston Common (1.7 mi)
  • 5. Boston Back Bay Amtrak (1.7 mi)
  • 6. Boston South Amtrak (1.7 mi)
  • 7. Back Bay (1.7 mi)
  • 8. Boston BY Foot Recorded Tour (1.7 mi)
  • 9. John Hancock Observatory (1.7 mi)

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