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Find the top attractions and learn which hotels you should stay at and which ones you should avoid by using our Mountain View vacations guide. We have partnered with the top local Mountain View bloggers and photographers to give you advice beyond what other Mountain View vacationers thought, and also give you tips from the people just like you that call Mountain View their home. Our list of family friendly hotels is one of the only to identify which hotels have kid's activities or large pools with a water slide or a lazy river the whole family is sure to enjoy. Finally, our list of romantic hotels is also one of a few that can pinpoint which hotels in Mountain View have a jacuzzi in the room or a fireplace near the bed.
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Mountain View Hotels

The Raveable guide to Mountain View Hotels was created by analyzing the millions of traveler reviews found all over the internet. Our unique approach allows you to see the rants and raves from over 1323 other travelers who took a vacation in Mountain View.

Holiday Inn Express Mountain View -Town Center
Holiday Inn Express Mountain View -Town Center
Highlights: Kitchenette, Shuttle Service
98% recommended | 90 reviews
Guests of Holiday Inn Express Mountain View -Town Center liked the excellent room amenities, the impeccably clean rooms, the attentive and courteous staff and the central location.
  • 2
    Hampton Inn & Suites Mountain View
    Highlights: Location, Service
    98% recommended | 48 reviews
  • 3
    Hotel Avante
    Highlights: Aveda bath products, Complimentary Wine Reception
    91% recommended | 155 reviews
  • 4
    Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View
    Highlights: Free Breakfast, Location
    90% recommended | 96 reviews

Hotels in Mountain View

These hotel collections are intended to be your starting point for finding your perfect hotel in Mountain View:

  • 3 Star Hotels
  • 2 Star Hotels

Bed bug reports in Mountain View hotels

Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View
Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View

840 East El Camino Real, Mountain View, 94040 CA
1 recent bed bug report
I stayed one night at the hotel and woke with 29 bites on my torso, arms and upper legs. I found no evidence of the bugs the next morning, nor did the very kind manager who came to look. I cannot be sure this was bedbug infestation ...

2300 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, 94040 CA
1 recent bed bug report
Woke up with bites all over my arm in several straight rows - and they're itchy! I looked for any small bugs the following day on the white sheets and pillowcases, but didn't see any.
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Hotels in Mountain View by Feature

Planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation? complement your stay in Mountain View with these special hotel amenities and features that Mountain View hotels have to offer:

  • Shuttle Service
  • Complimentary Wine Reception
  • Flat Screen TV in Room

Hotels in Mountain View near Attractions

Mountain View attractions and activities are sure to entertain and delight visitors of all interests. Stay close to to the action with these conveniently located hotels:

  • Laser Quest
  • Sfv Lodge
  • Neutral Ground Game and Computer
  • Museum
  • Montessori Teacher Training
  • California Billiard Club
  • Peninsula Evening Law School
  • El Camino Hospital
  • Shoreline Golf Links
  • Recreation Div
  • Mountain View Parks Div

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